Gift Cards and Me
Shared by 3csink · 15d ago · 1 comments

I know I'm smart. I know I am. But some of the things I do really make me wonder. For example, take gift cards.
I've acquired a small stack of these things over the years. But, for some reason, I never use them. Maybe it's just the extra effort and thought... I don't know. I might as well be throwing away money, which makes me sick to think of, but I just don't bother.
I've kept track of most of the cards, but I've undoubtedly lost some to the void.
So how can someone who thinks they're actually intelligent really perform such stupid and wasteful behavior because it might take a little extra "effort and thought." (Btw, I'm an undiagnosed 32 YO male.)

perkalot · 15d ago

Turn around and use them as last minute gifts for other people! And then ask for cash or physical objects as gifts in the future. Or, trade a friend for cash. It's not a matter of intelligence, I think it's more of an executive function thing

Sheerardio · 15d ago

Because ADHD absolutely nothing to do with intelligence.
How smart you are is not determined by the areas of the brain that are affected by ADHD, or else we'd all be classified as having an intellectual disability, not a psychiatric one.

chaoticpix93 · 15d ago

look for an alulla machine near you. They take gift cards for cash.