Anyone ever taken strattera?
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I’ve been on this medication for over a week. I’ve been taking it with elavil (amitriptyline). I’ve taken amitriptyline off and on for years with no side effects. But since adding strattera I’ve had really bad heartburn, feeling irritable, when something happens I feel angry even if it isn’t warranted. I’ve had to just walk away and try to calm down. Before taking strattera I didn’t have these feelings of intense anger at all. The last few days I haven’t really eaten because it hurts to eat. Like my food gets stuck in my throat. I’ve been to my primary care doctor and they didn’t see anything wrong. They gave me a steroid to help with the swelling. Before asking if I’ve talked to my med doctor they’re out of town until next month. My therapist is also out of the office until the 6th of January. Right now I’m just stuck taking it and talking to my primary care doctor.