My life feels empty
Shared by efgabcde28_4 · 10d ago · 1 comments

I'm not trying to be edgy or attention seeking but being a home schooled 14 year old with no friends makes for a pretty mundane and unfulfilling existence.
Each day feels so similar to the last that it's like I'm just living the same day over and over again.
I could do something useful with my time but I never feel motivated nor do I even care enough to try and get motivated, as if I know it's just gonna end up being a waste of time and I'm going to wish I didn't even bother.

Tinkfast · 10d ago

Sorry to hear you state that your life feels unfulfilling. 💗
If you are tired of the emotions you are currently carrying, perhaps you could contemplate what emotions you seek to feel instead and then what steps you want to take to get there.
For example, if a favorite food, TV show, or game provides you happiness or if you want to feel angry or sad, then listening to a particular song might help you feel that mood.
Or instead of replacing feelings, you can also displace them by doing something that requires great focus and thus distracts you from emotions.
Ex: working out really hard, making art of some form, composing music/a recipe/a giant house of Lego 😆 or anything you want to think of.
No matter what you decide to do or not do, wishing you the best in easing any discomfort from emotion + sending hope for your well-being!🙂