Side effects of medication
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Is anyone else super annoyed by the side effects of their meds?
I’m on 60g of fluoxetine a day and when I first went on 40 I lost a whole stone and my step dad was convinced I was anorexic which I am absolutely not but my meds really messed up my appetite so I stopped eating as much and lost weight.
My meds also make me sweat a lot more than I used to. I can’t even walk down to a restaurant for lunch or walk up the stairs at school without breaking a sweat and it’s even worse at night. This might not be the meds but I know I didn’t do it a few years ago my leg near enough never stops bouncing, even when I’m in bed and it annoys everyone around me.
I also get pretty bad migraines which I’m sure I didn’t get before I started fluoxetine.
Sure meds can help, but they can also be annoying as shit.