I want my old life back
Shared by smellibelli · 12d ago · 1 comments

I remember when I used to actually be happy, when I wanted to go to school, where I had actual friends.

But the instant I went to my new school I was hit like a truck. I barely have anyone to hang out with, most of the time I'm just empty, I have way too much school work so I have barely anything else to do during weekdays.

It makes me think, did I really fuck up my life so badly? Why am I constantly empty? Why can't I make any good friends? I have a feeling nobody wants to be around me, even my only friend. I just want my old life back, I can't fucking handle this anymore.

Tinkfast · 10d ago

πŸ’—Since I don't know all of what's happening in your life currently, I can't say for sure I know the answer to your questions.
The best I can offer is my encouragement for you to try to ask yourself if there might be various factors at play here and how you can best address those individually. For example, you mention you barely have anyone to hang out with: That is fairly typical for it to take some time for new schoolmates to adjust to a newly arriving student (I can relate some to this particular frustration as I had to move schools several times while growing up πŸ’•); I wish so much I could accelerate time for you to get these new schoolmates to get to know you better. You also mentioned you have too much schoolwork during the weekdays - could you try to hang out with the friend you described on one of the upcoming weekends?
And hopefully as time goes on you can continue to make more friends and plans as you most feel comfortable. I am really truly sorry you feel so empty and particularly can relate to your difficulties with friendships - since I have a hard time sometimes making/keeping friendships in-person, I have also tried building some friendships online.
I don't know if that's something you would want to try, but just another option for you! πŸ€—No matter what you choose to do or not do, hoping things change for you and you soon feel more capable of handling your life as it is currently. πŸ’– Sending you all the best + well-wishes for your well-being! πŸ™‚πŸ’ž