Does it ever get better?
Shared by thats-on-jah · 12d ago · 2 comments

I just don’t get what’s supposed to change. I’m 16 and I started medication a while ago,after a year of being diagnosed and two years of actually experiencing systems of major depression.

I’ve changed the dosage a couple times to find the right level and my psychiatrist says that I’m at the max dose but I don’t know what to do. I havent attempted killing myself again and I can get out of bed and go to social events but I’m still so tired.

It feels like nothing changes and at night I stay awake questioning whether I even exist. Is this how it will always feel even with medication or should I be doing something else.

PoWhop · 12d ago

Yes it will!!! But sweetie u r going to have to fight!! You know your body more than anyone. Do some research on your condition. Find out every possible treatment out there! Read up on all of them. Find the ones you want to try.
Your are in charge of your body. So don't let them decide what pill u need! Hold your ground!!! I have been Suffering from Bipolar 2, Deep depression, OCD , skitso, and PTSD.I have had it! With doctors, hospitals.
So I had my facts straight. And demanded the treatment I wanted to try. I was 15 when I started seeing Doctors. And have just realized, I had to take over and stand my ground.
I'm 56 now. And have the right pills, the right treatment. Make them hear you!

whatsgyoingonf · 12d ago

I’m 16 too, I’ve been depressed ever since a wee child. Never thought it would get better. But honestly, this year has been better than the last for the first time in my life. Maybe it will continue.