2 strangers made jokes about my career change
Shared by wolfwolf0202 · 14d ago · 2 comments

i have diploma in environment (useless in my country) after 1 year of job searching i give up, and started a degree in CS anyway i meet with these two guys once randomly and they made jokes how i changed my career and how it is a disaster i defended myself strongly.... but you know
what they are true i am a fuckin joke loser if i was good i would had a job with my first degree, i am a fuckin clown i should be dead under the ground i dont deserve this life if my parents didnt support me financially i would have been homeless in streets.

AfzalOzil360 · 14d ago

What makes you think you and your friends are all the same? You have your worries, potentials, your fucking talent, your fucking life your trials and tribulations...
How on earth does that even make you think, them laughing from their perspective mean anything to you? You do what you love, get that CS degree, move on like man! You keep steadfast and get organized. Work the shit out of yourself and remember if you are dedicated, one fucking day they'll see you be amazed.
They'll be like how? And you say MAGIC. Neither do they know what you face now, nor will they know what you faced then. So work hard my man!