I'm so frustrated - Massive mental health rant on how people see and treat mental health.
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I don't understand why mental health is taken so separately than regular health concerns. There is always so much talk of how to fix something, what exactly to do, but never an explanation of how one gets started or applies it. You get diabetes, you get insulin shots and watch your glucose. You get a wound, you clean and bandage it. You get mental illness and you're told to "just get better".
All the self-help, pep talks, epiphanies and realizations are what I would call "software updates" but the brain is physical, and most mental health issues if not all have shown that there is a distinct different in scans from those with illnesses and those with out. Why are we treating it like a software problem when it seems there is a hardware problem? We even have proof of various mental health disorders being directly correlated to genetics.
Medications can help, but the overall approach to mental health is treating it like it's self-treatable but with guidance to updating your software yourself. My software is fine, I have all the information in the world to get over every issue I have, but it's like asking someone to jump a hurdle who not only doesn't have any training or idea how to jump, but doesn't even have legs. You can understand the concept, but you have no tools to do it.
This is insanity. I don't understand why more resources aren't being poured into understanding the human brain and figuring out how to rewire parts that are clearly not wired correctly. We lost not only lives, but potential workers, potential innovators, or just happier people who want to contribute because they feel something to live for, like normal.Every mentally ill person I've ever met has met "The wall" that invisible wall of resistance that prevents you from doing the thing you know very well would help, is good for you, you need to do and will ultimately make your life better. And you can't fucking do it. No one has an explanation as to how to get over it. Just that some people do, so it's possible if you "will" it. If willing anything actually worked, you wouldn't have mental health issues in the first place. This is why I'm calling it a hardware problem, no different than cancer, no different than a wound that needs treatment. It's physical and tangible and yet we tell people that their "mindset" is wrong. We tell people to just buck up at worst or to "go to a happy place". People clearly can't "just do it". They would of already. And I'm so sick of the brain and mental health being treated as software, this mysterious magical place that holds the key to happiness if we just will it and work at willing it.Guess what, lots of people clearly can't work their "will" muscle because they don't have one. What then? What do you say to someone who doesn't have tools to "build a foundation"? Just do it anyway? That's the obnoxious, unhelpful and dangerous message so many people get. It's no wonder they feel hopeless, useless and defeated. They're all being told to just build a foundation when they don't have bricks or tools or hands to do it with, because their hardware isn't functioning right and it couldn't the the furthest thing from their fault. Yet they get all the blame, mostly internal. Mentally ill people are the worst bullies to themselves, because they are constantly told something must be really wrong that's their fault for not being able to "just do it".Mental illness truly is a disability, no different than asking someone in a wheel chair to stand up or someone with out legs to run. It's time we start treating it like it is, and start working on fixing it the same way you'd give a prosthetic to someone missing limbs so they can live a normal happy life. Stop telling the person in the wheel chair that it's their fault they can't just get up and walk like everyone else.

retro_crush · 4d ago

As someone who had no idea about any of this prior to this year, I can't agree enough. It's a health issue, period. I mean, the brain is a physical part of the body, so maybe if we started labeling it brain health instead of mental health it would re-frame it to be considered as seriously as any other part of the body that needs medical attention and treatment. Someone I love very much is healing from a mental illness and I have to constantly remind myself of this. Patience is so necessary. You would never tell someone to hurry up and heal faster from a physical wound or disease - so this must be the same way we think about mental illness. It's just ignorance. So many people simply have no idea, until it affects their life personally, or someone they are close to (as is what happened with me) - it makes me incredibly sad.

dvidsilva · 4d ago

Is also terrible for people that can improve but refuse to seek attention.

MetaGarbold · 4d ago

Preach.Often we lock up those with mental health issues instead of getting them treatment and meds. Visits to a mental health Dr are specialist visits making treatment expensive even with insurance.Meds can also be expensive and often we have to take 3 or 4 scripts.The only time mental health is really brought up is as a scapegoat for some mass shooting, but even then, nothing is done about it.Feel your outrage and pain. You're not alone.