I think I might stop taking my meds.
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So I've had PTSD since i was a child.

I also have Bi-polar, major depression, general anxiety disorder, insomia, BPD (from ptsd) After a Psychotic breakdown/suicide attempt in November and being addicted to xanex, they put me on a lot of stuff..30MG of Lexapro, 900MG of Gabapentin, 150 MG of Hydroxizine, 4 MG of Prazosin, 200 MG of Trazidone.I just feel like I dont really need it anymore.

Ive been taking it on and off but I think im gonna stop. It fucks with my sex drive and makes me drowsy.. idk.. I uess this is just like to see what you guys think.

GornoP · 16d ago

I just feel like I dont really need it anymore.That's because they're working. This is very common for people on meds and I confess I did the same thing when I was younger.
(And sometimes out of financial necessity when I didn't have insurance.) It's was a bad idea 100% of the time.Talk to your doctor about the drowsiness and low libido.
There are other options -- maybe just decreasing the dosage of one of those.

cyanoside · 16d ago

if the side affects are messing with your quality of life, you should consider changing something.
That is a ton of medication you are on. What has helped me the most is not any type of medicine, and I've spent a decade trying to find the "right" one. Meditation is what has helped calm my body feelings and anxieties and fears. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wVG_H5olyQ

sourgummie · 16d ago

Part of being sick is having your brain tell you its a good idea to go off your meds.
That's just the sickness talking though. Don't do it.